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Specializing in niche publishing brings the thoughts of the sharpest writers and coaches in the strength and therapy fields to print, and usually much faster than traditional publishing. This helps you keep up in our quickly changing world.

Dan John & Chip Conrad: Winning Combination

Dan John: A Systems Approach to Coaching & Training & Chip Conrad: How to Create a Holistic Athlete What a winning combination! Without intention, Dan and Chip’s lectures flow together so smoothly, you’ll think they planned this all winter. They successfully weave together Dan’s decades of experience and Chip’s study of physical culture and iron…

Lorimer Moseley: On Pain

When Craig Liebenson introduced me to Lorimer Moseley as a suggestion to film his Pain lecture at Jason Tonley’s Cynergy Education event, I was pleased. But I had no clue what a gift that would turn out to be. I’d watched Lorimer’s TED talk, and knew he was smart and funny. At the time, I…

Thom Plummer: Building a Successful Fitness Business

When you combine Dave’s 55-year history haunting various gyms around the world with his unusual insight into training flow to design a bodybuilding gym, the resulting space has all the allure of a ’60s Dungeon, only clean, open and light, with everything you need, right where you need it. Unfortunately, even in the ’90s that…